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Sponsers & Volunteers made the attendees comfortable

Sponsors & Volunteers made the attendees comfortable


Lyric & Other


This book is titled Lyric & Other. Please allow these words to sink in. When I was a young boy, I thought long and hard about what I could possibly do to make the world a better place.
Ten,.. twenty years went by. I hadn’t the foggiest notion. The world I lived in moved at such blinding speed
it was very difficult to make heads or tails outta it.

I took stupid jobs. I slept outdoors. I feel in love with the hard luck cases. I frequented cities with glorious libraries.
I made friends with truly extraordinary creatures. I was protected the entire time by angels who would clear my path.
After dying a handful of times and discovering the organic path of light I gave up my fears and put my well being into the
hands of my creator who is an artful and loving spirit.

I found I was in possession of the quite heavenly gift of communication. You can imagine my shock, of course, a wild child from
wasteland Amerika… a communicator? There it was. The numbers didn’t lie. Nights of comfort were afforded me in the luxury
of stunning girls and women who fell for me to such an extent that my life was spared from the US Penal system and the
county morgue.

I figured I had to do something. Whether or not this is Nobel quality now or in the near far distant future it remains
something I did for everyone who ever believed in me, gave me shelter, gave me love, food, a chance…
If there distinct devices, within this body of work, which cause your hair to stand on edge just remember the World is
sometimes like that. If something makes you happy share it with someone and let them feel your joy.
First and foremost these are emotions crafted as literature
lest we forget…
The spelling of English words is not fixed and invariable, nor does it depend on any other authority than
general agreement. @ the present day there is practically unanimous agreement as to the spelling of most
words….@ any given moment, BAM!, a relatively small # of words may be spelled in more than 1 way.
Gradually, as a rule, 1 of the$e form$ come$ to be generally preferred, & the less ¢ustomary form
comes to look obsolete & is dis¢arded.

The Original with Updated Muzicks on the Opening Page

This is the first Edge of the World Productions uSA page. It was crafted while  our production staff was slogging  through the border of Seattle/Shorline[thx Clarice] through the oppression known as  Charlotte, up into the uptightness of  DC Metro & around the Mediteranean (wynter, brrr…) The picture you will find on the front is a picture taken en la casa de mi amigo Alejandro {Out in Queens} So I hope that in some small historical way it will be viewed as a travel map in the life of a Multi-Media Productionist!

Love to all

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God hates spoiled brats fighting over mpg. (i’m with Him)

Lebanon Facing its Worst Environmental Disaster Ever: Oil Spill From Israeli Strike Still Untreated After One Month


Belfast Telegraph

God Loves Austin Tacos!

Forget Texas; don’t mess with South Austin taco joint owner

How the heck do they expect talent to florish in this cesspool?

America’s Top Model Writers Strike Back

Twelve staffers on Tyra Banks’ hit reality show, America’s Top Model, say that they are actually writing the “unscripted” show and they want the right to unionize and be paid benefits, just like members of the Writers Guild. Of course, the entire reason they were hired and not called “writers” is so that the producers wouldn’t have to pay them what Guild members make.

They’re called “the story department.” They slave over treatments and final drafts. They agonize over storytelling techniques, character development and plot twists. But are they writers?The answer is yes if you ask the 12 staff producers on the reality hit “America’s Next Top Model” who went on strike July 21 to win recognition as members of the Writers Guild of America. The “Top Model” dozen have been walking a picket line outside the West Los Angeles offices of the show’s executive producer Ken Mok ever since.

“Say you’re watching a (‘Top Model’) scene with six girls standing around talking,” says Kai Bowe, a striking “Top Model” associate show producer. “And then you switch to a girl in (a one-on-one) interview, and then you go back to the girls talking but with a few lines of voice-over from the interview. We’re the ones who choose all of that, line by line.”

Adds Bowe’s fellow striker Sara Sluke, “It’s not like it comes out of the camera that way.”As show producers and associate show producers, they slog through an average of 200 hours of raw footage to assemble each 41-minute episode. They shape the story lines in each episode and the overarching drama for each cycle of competition. They determine how the characters are portrayed — and they find the “red herrings” to throw in to keep things from getting too predictable, Sluke says.

The “Top Model” labor action marks an escalation of the union’s efforts to organize in the reality TV arena. That push has drawn criticism from some in the industry who view it as a costly effort waged on behalf of nonmembers who are employed by the very shows that are taking jobs away from existing members.

This is merely the latest battle in the war between the Writers Guild and those who produce reality television, which is anything but unscripted. The bottom line is: if it creates a script and it writes lines, it’s a writer. The gig for reality shows is up: it’s time to admit that all these shows are scripted and then hire actual Writers Guild members to do the work.